meet the parallel LONDON Ambassadors


Nick Ashley-Cooper
12th Earl of Shaftesbury

Nick Ashley-Cooper is the patron of Parallel London. In 2009, while horse riding, he fell and cracked his L1 vertebrae. It was unclear if he’d ever be able to walk again. He regained his mobility, and went on to run ultra-marathons whilst supporting spinal research charity Wings for Life.

Baroness Jane Campbell
Equality Campaigner

Baroness Campbell is a leading campaigner for equality and a respected advocate for the rights of disabled people. The Baroness, amongst her many achievements, has served as Commissioner of the Equality and Human Right commission from 2006-2008.

                   mik scarlet                     broadcaster, journalist and access expert

Mik has had a colourful and eclectic career as a singer/songwriter, a DJ, an Emmy award-winning TV presenter, a prolific writer and columnist, and was the first disabled actor to appear in a UK soap. He also advises organisations on best practices regarding accessibility and inclusion in the workplace. 


Matt hampson pic.jpg

                     Matt Hampson                      founder of the matt hampson foundation

Matt is a former England U21s rugby player who was injured in 2005 during a practice scrum session and is a C4 tetraplegic. In 2011 he established the Matt Hampson Foundation, a charity dedicated to supporting young people who have been seriously injured through sport.

                         Jo GracE                         founder of 'The Sensory Projects'

Jo is an inclusion and sensory engagement consultant and founder of The Sensory Projects. She believes that with the right knowledge and creativity, inexpensive resources can be used to effectively include people with profound disabilities. Jo, who has a diagnosis of austism, aims to contribute to a future where people are understood in spite of their differences. 



Emily White is a basketball playing, martial arts practiser, football playing, canvas painter, cartoonist, and head of a new comic that's hoping to inspire a generation!