Age: 24 and 12 years old
Parallel challenge: 10km


Camila and her brother, Gabriel, would like to participate on behalf of two wonderfully different charities. Here is Camila’s story…

Why choose Parallel London?   I wanted to support a good cause whilst giving my little brother and I some motivation to do some running training!

Why do you want to participate on behalf of Victim Support?   I am an aspiring barrister and know that the work VS does in helping people deal with the criminal justice system is fantastic! Having done work experience in criminal courts and seen how difficult the process can be for people, I am delighted to support an organisation that tries to help them through it. 

It is a great honour and motivator to know I am running for an organisation that does such incredible and life-changing work for people at very difficult points in their lives.

Training Tips?   Training a little everyday goes a long way. My brother and I have been running the Olympic track at Paddington recreation ground together every day. The atmosphere there is great because there are always people of all ages exercising there too. Having a running partner to spur you on is always helpful. when I'm at it alone, I find listening to my favourite music gets me into the rhythm of things and pushes me that little bit further.

What is your goal?   To finish alongside my little brother, for whom the 10k run will be a huge achievement!

If you would like to support Camila and her little brother, Gabriel and help him raise funds for Victim Support, please click the picture below to make a donation. Every little helps! 

You can also SIGN UP for Parallel on behalf of Victim support here