eileen's story 

Name: eileen buckley

Age: 55

Home: dublin

Parallel Challenge: 10km

I have sailed with Jubilee Sailing Trust on quite a number of occasions.  I’ve seen first-hand how every crew member is encouraged to get involved in the various day to day activities related to tall ship sailing – from keeping watch, sail setting, helming, keeping things in ship shape through happy hour, through to climbing the mast – one of the most exciting experiences on board which everyone has the opportunity to do.  The sense of achievement on reaching the platform, whether through self-ascending or being assisted up in a wheelchair, is amazing.

As a beneficiary of the sailing experience provided by JST, I wanted to do something which would help raise funds, so that the Trust can continue to do what they do.  I also wanted to give myself a challenge. That was when I heard about Parallel London.  I thought what better way to combine the two than by participating in the 10k push?

I have been preparing for the day mainly through a good nourishing diet and also by leaving the car at home on most days and getting out there and going for long pushes and keeping going, even when I feel I can’t go any further.

I am definitely building up my strength and stamina. I really am looking forward to the day and while I am not looking to break any records, I will be very happy to meet the challenge I have set for myself by finishing the 10k, all the while raising some well- deserved funds for the remarkable Organisation that is JST.


If you would like to run alongside Eileen and represent Jubilee Sailing Trust please click the picture below to find out more...