Gavin's story 

Name: Gavin Drysdale

Parallel Challenge: 10km

I am a RaceRunner from Scotland. I was lucky enough to participate in the 10k at Parallel London 2016. It was an amazing day and I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Having the opportunity to run around the Olympic Park was incredible and an experience that I will never forget!

I couldn’t wait to sign up, especially as I loved long distances! Normally, RaceRunners do not get asked or accepted into road races mainly due to the fact RaceRunning is not included in the Paralympics (not, yet!) or the course’s terrain is too rough. It was really nice to get thought about by the organisers!

I love the fact that Parallel London is an all-inclusive event because it means people who would not usually get to participate in a sporting challenge can enter Parallel London, because there are no restrictions. I think this is what makes Parallel London unique and necessary.