Jenni and eve WILLIAMS

Age: JENNI, 41; EVE, nearly 4

home: Dorking, Surrey  

Parallel challenge: 100m and 5k


“I think Parallel London is so important because I want my daughter Eve, who is nearly 4, to start to understand the fun of doing a momentous sporting challenge like this and I want a way to channel her natural determination and independent spirit. I will be pushing Eve for the 5k and we are also working towards walking hand-in-hand together for the 100m.

“Eve has a rare chromosome condition which causes global development delay and epilepsy. But that aside she is funny, adventurous, happy, determined and stubborn.  She loves swimming, music, walks in the woods, watching Fraggle Rock and has developed her very own form of living room parkour.

“Like Eve, I’m perfecting a sport of my own – extreme pushchairing. I run while pushing Eve up and down the hills in the woods behind our house. We don’t have any special equipment; our pushchair is a normal one. All that's required is stubbornness and the belief that Eve should get to see the same things as anyone else.  

“When I need a bit of extra motivation I just think of Eve. She is so determined and independent and works so hard at overcoming her physical difficulties. It helps me remember that the ability to go for a run is a privilege I shouldn't take for granted. On one of my routes is a fairly steep hill that I call the 'Eve Wouldn't Quit Hill'.  I always run up it at speed, because Eve never quits and neither will I. I should make it clear that I don't run up every hill, just this one; I am nowhere near as tough as my daughter!

“I hope to get beaten by Eve one day. That would be amazing. And I'm sure it will happen.”

Top training tip: "Get a dog! No excuses then"

Jenni's #Roadto: "Being as tough as Eve"

Eve's #Roadto: "Ditching Mummy and running by myself"

What's your goal?