lexie-mae's story 

Home: Manchester
Age: 3-years old
Profession: nursery school
Parallel challenge: 1km

Lexie-Mae has Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa, a rare genetic skin condition where her skin blisters and tears at the slightest touch. It’s life limiting and causes her extreme pain and discomfort with blisters affecting her entire body.  Removing and changing Lexi-Mae’s dressings and treating her skin can take up three hours a day but she doesn’t let her condition defeat her and has already taken part in two charity runs. Amazingly she refused to be pushed in her wheelchair and managed to walk 2.5km, even though her feet blistered and she was in pain for days!

Lexie-Mae’s family found out about Parallel London at the DEBRA Members’ Weekend where the EB community comes together to meet other families living with the condition.  DEBRA is the national charity that supports individuals and families affected by Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). ‘We knew straight away that Lexie-Mae would love to take part for DEBRA as the charity is very close to the family’s heart.  It’s also fully inclusive so it’s a great opportunity for Lexie- Mae to take part in something that she loves alongside her older brother Logan,’  said Kerry - Lexie-Mae’s mum. 

‘Lexie-Mae is fiercely independent and very active little girl who enjoys playing ball games with her brother. Playing sport is such a good way for her to make new friends and she’s achieved goals that we never thought possible.  Her main motivation comes from her big sister who plays sport at school and her big brother who is a regional boxing champion, so sport runs in her family! Her motto is:  ‘Give it a go; you’ll never know if you never try!’ 

Lexie-Mae’s family are her biggest supporters.  Her mum and dad know she will not allow her condition to set limitations on her.  Team Parallel London know that Lexie-Mae will conquer her 1k challenge with her brother Logan by her side, ready to support her across the finish line.

My goal: #roadto raise funds for DEBRA and inspire others to give it a go!

If you would like to make a donation to Lexie-Mae’s fundraising page click on DEBRA’s logo to find out more…