martin's story 

Name: Martin hywood

Age: 42

proffession: Pharmaceutical I.T.

Parallel Challenge: 1km

Background story: I was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy as an adult. I’m a Dad to three great girls and I wanted to prove that despite my diagnosis and disability I can achieve what I wish for and I want my girls to see this and take that lesson with them in life. Myself, my wife; Michelle, family and friends have been raising awareness and funds for Muscular Dystrophy UK for a few years now and it’s great.

What is your Move-a-Mile campaign: Last year, I had an idea to walk a mile to sporting events, iconic arenas and stadia in 2016. The aim of this campaign was to encourage others to come with me and try to get as fit as possible along the way. What has happened this year has gone way beyond my expectations:! 

Why choose Parallel London: It makes total sense to me and its ethos is something that I really believe in. An opportunity to be part of this event is not to be missed out on!

Why choose Muscular Dystrophy UK: The charity MD UK helps many families in many ways including my own. It was a very easy choice for me. 

Training Tips: 
Just keep moving in any way you can!

Most looking forward to on the day (push/run, free festival, an element of the festival etc.): THE FINISH LINE! It’s been a very long and tiring year and we’ve loved it but I can’t wait to cross that line!

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