matthew's story 


Age: 20

Parallel Challenge: SUPER SENSORY 1KM 

Matthew is a 20 year old young man with severe learning disabilities. He is also autistic and blind with a condition called Peter's Anomaly. He has the most infectious smile and loves being with people. At the age of 11 years, he developed an undiagnosed paralysis affecting him from the waist down. Mobility was his main strength as a child growing up so this was a bit of a shock and challenge for him and his family.

His family was told by all the professionals that he would 'never walk again' but having a strong faith and determination, his family rallied to help Matthew gain back his mobility to regain some independence. Following a 9 hour major back surgery (to insert a metal cage in his spine with an attempt to prevent further spinal curvature) and post surgical illness of 6- 9 months, Matthew's health started to improve but it wasn't until the age of 14 years that there seemed to be signs of possible movement in his legs.

With intense physiotherapy, much love and prayers, Matthew is now walking and will be walking the 1KM Super Sensory trail! This is indeed a miraculous story and Matthew is so happy to be up and about again after being totally dependent on using a wheelchair for over 5 years.

He will be walking in the Parallel London to say thanks to God for giving him back his mobility and to raise funds for ASNA, the charity set up by his family and friends to provide disability training and awareness. 

If you would like to run alongside Matthew and represent ASNA please click the picture below to find out more...