zubee kibria

Age: 31

home: Shepherds Bush

Profession: freelance writer and entrepreneur

Parallel challenge: 10k

When I heard that Parallel London was back for 2017, I just had to apply, but this time I thought why not raise money for charity. It will not just be a benefit to me, but the organisation as well. I would encourage anyone to apply. I love what the event stands for – it is about breaking down barriers and showing people that disability shouldn’t hold you back.
This time I will be participating in the 10k challenge again on a tricycle, but my aim is to break my previous time of 1:02:10. and push myself out of my comfort zone.

I have chosen Action on Disability (AOD) www.actionondisability.org.uk as my charity, as I have a personal connection having volunteered and worked for the organisation in the past. Through AOD I gained a lot of valuable skills and experience, which helped me to develop as a person. As well as a personal connection, raising awareness of their work is just as important to me because they make a difference to people’s lives, and I want to be able to do that through Parallel London and help raise as much money as possible. I am delighted to be supporting AOD and cannot wait to compete in the event.

I attend an All Ability Cycling Club called Bikeworks, which takes place every Friday and every other Saturday for two hours at Little Wormwood Scrubs Park. As a disabled person it can be hard to keep active so I make sure I attend as regularly as I can, of course, the weather plays a big part in it too. I have to rely on my family a lot to get around, so being able to get out on my trike in the fresh air for a few hours feels great! Cycling gives me a real feeling of independence and enjoyment. Bikeworks is for people of all ages and it’s free to attend with a range of bikes for adults and children to choose from.