Rosemarie's story 

Home: Surrey
Profession: Acting CEO, Leonard Cheshire Disability
Parallel challenge: 10k

I was delighted to learn of the Parallel London event and see so many inspirational stories on this site. 

Having worked in health and social care for over 25 years, it has always been a great sadness to me that sporting events invariably mean that people have to be entered into separate groups to take part. It’s so refreshing to finally have an event where we can all participate at the same time. Parallel really encapsulates that we should all be valued equally.

There are many myths about disabled people not wanting to take part in sport, but it’s often just the lack of opportunities that stops people taking part. It’s fantastic in an Olympic and Paralympic year to have the chance to come together and take part in this inclusive event. I hope this paves the way for future events to be more accessible and open to all. 

I have to admit I don’t do anywhere near enough exercise, so friends and colleagues were initially bemused when they heard I had signed up to take part. However, they quickly moved onto teasing me about not being able to swap my usual high heels for trainers. But I have come up with a cunning plan and have bought some high heeled trainers.  

I’m really looking forward to the event and good luck to everyone taking part.

Top training tip: Enjoy yourself and make it work for you, even if that means buying new shoes!

My goal: #RoadTo  Raise awareness of the equality agenda and increase number of ‘Parallel’ type sporting opportunities.

If you would like to participate and raise funds for Leonard Cheshire Disability click on their logo to find out more...