summer's story 

Name: summer finlay
Age: 4
Parallel challenge: 5km

Summer is 4 years old with Spina-Bifida and Hydrocephalus. She is a full time wheelchair user, as her spina bifida has caused her to be paralysed from the chest down.

She was born with a hole in her spine and all the nerves were exposed. She had to have emergency surgery to have the hole closed up and a shunt inserted in her head to drain the fluid caused by the hydrocephalus.

She has grown to be a very happy and very determined little girl who has exceeded expectations in everything she does.

In 2014 "Charity For Kids" paid for Summer to get a manual wheelchair after struggling to obtain one in the first place. This gave her a major confidence boost and the independence every child deserves. They have also since paid for her to recieve a specialist Trike, after one of the committee ran the London marathon to raise money for her.

Since then we have been raising money to help them give other children the chance to have the equipment and independence they deserve.

Parallel London will put a new spin on this being the 1st fundraiser she can complete herself and not just her family. Summer will be completing the 5k in her wheelchair with her family along side her.

To find out more about Summer, you can get more information via her Facebook Page. You can also donate money to the lovely Summer here