Parallel London for Sensory Participants

We want to ensure absolutely everyone gets the very most out of Parallel London. To this end, we’ve joined forces with our brilliant ambassador and inclusion and sensory engagement expert Jo Grace to create the UK’s first mass-participation Super Sensory 1k! This race encourages participants to exercise their senses over a course comprised of all kinds of sensory experiences, from sounds and smells, to textures and colours. See our table and course map below for a full list of the delights in store!

Great fun for all ages and abilities, the Super Sensory 1k is specifically designed to engage all participants to the fullest, including:

• Individuals with profound and multiple learning disabilities
• Individuals on the autistic spectrum who engage with the world in a primarily sensory way and welcome the opportunity to rehearse a situation before entering it
• Individuals who need sensory support in order to be able to remember an event. This may include people with late-stage dementia or specific brain damage

Participants who need a helping hand are very welcome to bring a buddy free of charge to push, guide or simply accompany them on the course. Of course the sensory world is a lot of fun and sensory stimulation supports everyone’s memory, so if you are wondering if this event is for you, yes it is! Do join in.

The Super Sensory 1k can be ‘trained’ for, just like any other race. It can also be re-run through the senses after the event back at home or at school using the same stimuli to help participants connect with the memory and relive the experience of the day. ‘Training’ for the Super Sensory 1km will support sensory participants to be able to fully engage on the day. The sensory experiences have been chosen to be as engaging as possible to maximise the opportunity to participate.

Taking part on the day

The Super Sensory 1km will take part alongside the other Parallel London races. You are free to complete the course at any speed but we anticipate it taking between 15 minutes for the incredibly speedy and up to an hour for those making the most out of the experience.

You will also be able to explore the accessible attractions in the family festival, among which you will find Jo, our ambassador and founder of The Sensory Projects, who will be running a warm-up workshop for our sensory athletes before the race and another workshop for the participants' supporters after the race.


Super Sensory warm-up workshop

A workshop for sensory athletes taking part in the Super Sensory 1km and anyone else who is interested in having a go at some sensory challenges.

Attendees will:

· Get a sneak preview of what will be out there on the Super Sensory 1km
· Have a chance to practice your sensory skills for the Super Sensory 1km using real resources and alongside other participants
· Have all your senses stimulated and be warmed up and ready for action
· Try out some sensory sports not in the Super Sensory 1km
· Make new friends and have a really fun inclusive time


Keep on racing workshop

A workshop for supporters of sensory participants in the Super Sensory 1km, and for anyone else who is interested in learning more about sensory engagement work.

Attendees will learn:

· The reasons behind the choices of experience in the Super Sensory 1km
· How to choose future sensory experiences for your sensory athletes
· How to use the Super Sensory 1km to support your sensory athletes’ ongoing sporting achievement