terry's story 

Name: Terry Dodd
Age: 43
Home: East Farleigh, Kent
Profession: Fabricator/welder by trade
Parallel challenge: 5k

Background story? 

Sarah: Prior to Terry's accident, he led a very active life with motorcycling and snowboarding being his two biggest passions. On 9th August 2014, he was involved in a terrible accident at work when a metal frame fell onto his back, breaking it and severing his spinal cord. As a result, he is now paralysed from the waist down.

Why choose Parallel London?

Terry: "It has now been two years since my accident and I am finally in a good place to start getting on with my new life as a paraplegic. I want to get fit, join in with other people whilst helping others along the way. I think Parallel London is the perfect way to start my journey!”

Sarah: "I had been searching for a couple of months for local running events that Terry could complete with me that were accessible and I was really struggling. Then I came across Parallel London and it seemed perfect. I made a phone call and the rest is history!” 

Who you doing it for? 

Access Adventures are a small charity that have only been established for a year. They provide the opportunity for disabled people to take part in fun, recreational activities such as; kayaking, kite surfing & water skiing amongst other pursuits. Terry was lucky enough to attend one of their water ski camps last summer and he absolutely loved it! So, when the opportunity to fundraise for them came up with Parallel London, there was no doubt in his mind who he wanted to help. The activities they offer appeal to him and the people who run the charity are lovely.

Training plan?

Sarah: Terry has recently gone back to the gym and has a new hand cycle that he has been using to help him get fit for the push. We have been given free access to a local school’s athletics track so that Terry can train in an accessible and safe environment which we really appreciate. Over the next couple of weeks, Terry will be continuing to push his way around the track increasing his distance each time so that he is ready for 4th September. Some of our friends and family doing the push will be joining the training sessions too.


Terry: I am looking forward to completing the course with my wife Sarah as I used to coach her when she took up running shortly before my accident." 

Sarah: “I am really looking forward to completing the course with Terry along with 19 of our family and friends!"

Fundraising fun?

Sarah: Our fundraising is going well, our target is £3,000 and we've already raised over £2,262! On the 2nd anniversary of Terry’s accident, we held a fundraising event at our local park with my running club, Friends That Run. Over 50 family & friends joined us as we ran 5km whilst Terry hand cycled the route along with our dog, Chaz. We raised over £200 which is ace!

If you would like to support Terry and help him raise funds for Access Adventures, please click the picture below to make a donation. Every little helps!