happy to help?

We’re putting a call out to the nation to support this ground-breaking event. We really hope you’ll help us make Parallel London the very best day it can be.

No volunteering experience is necessary. What we’re looking for is buckets of enthusiasm and a happy-to-muck-in attitude. All volunteers will receive the following for their support:

  1. Parallel London t-shirt

  2. Free lunch (and you thought there was no such thing!)

  3. Disability Awareness Training, provided by Beans Training

Please see a list of roles below.


·       Be 16 years of age or older.

·       Be prepared to attend a talk and possible training before race day if your role requires it.

·       Respond to any requests and questions we may send out in the event lead-up.

·       Carefully read the Volunteer Information Pack, which will be emailed to you before the event

Volunteer Roles:

Volunteer Role: Parallel Welcoming Committee
Main Contact: Welcome Manager
Anticipated Hours: 0700hrs – 1300hrs
You’ll be fun and welcoming, knowledgeable and willing to help! Based either on the walking route from Stratford station or at the shuttle drop off near the start line, you are likely to be the first person our Parallel participants meet. Be ready for questions and queries, but don’t worry we’ll tell you everything you'll need to know! What the role needs:

·      A positive and fun outlook, willingness to help and a big smile

·     The confidence and ability to communicate with a diverse group of participants

Volunteer Role: Parallel Start Line Stars
Main Contact: Start Manager
Anticipated Hours: 0800hrs – 1400hrs
Our Parallel participants will be ready and eager to go; you’ll build on their enthusiasm while ensuring they make it to the start line so we can start the races in time. You’ll be based in the heart of the action, it’ll be loud and busy but very rewarding. What the role needs:

·   The ability to muster groups of push/runners when instructed by the start manager

·      To be able to communicate to all Parallel participants in a fun, pleasant way throughout the day

Volunteer Role: Parallel Route Marshall
Main Contact: Sector Manager
Anticipated Hours: 0800hrs – 1500hrs
The Parallel participants will be taking on challenges ranging from 100m to 10km. You’ll be there every step or roll of the way, encouraging them when tired and offering words of warm encouragement and motivation that they’ll remember when they finish. Of course, you are more than just a cheerleader. You’ll be there to offer assistance where needed and to keep everyone safe and on the right path. You’ll be working alongside a buddy to offer advice, information and any assistance required. What the role needs:

·         Buckets of enthusiasm

·         The confidence and ability to assist our participants whenever required

Volunteer Role: Parallel Finish Line Stars
Main Contact: Finish Manager
Hours: 0900hrs – 1500hrs
The Parallel participants will have achieved something wonderful and you’ll be there to make that moment even more special. You will hand out medals, give them that all important bottle of water and you may need to help them round to the family repatriation zone to continue the celebration. You’ll do this over and over again as the participants cross the line. It’s easy to be motivated for this role! What the role needs:

·         A big friendly smile

·         Warm encouragement to keep the participants going and direct them to the free family festival to ensure they make the most of the day